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3 kW Power Supply


Model 150-0040 is a 3 kW e-Gun power supply. Redesigned and upgraded, it replaces our 150-0030 power supply. All controls are remotely located in a handheld remote control (including a meter to read both voltage and current). This unit features closed-loop filament control and beam stabilitization that allow for better evaporation at lower emission rates. It can be operated manually or remotely by a rate or signal monitor. Interlocks are provided to assure power shut off in the case of water stoppage, vacuum failure, or high voltage access.

See Hanks HM2 e-Gun Accessories for additional feedthroughs.


3 kW Power Supply
19" w x 10.5" h x 18" d


Remote Control Device
3.5" w x 4.5" h x 2.25" d

Power Supply Specifications

Input Power 208/240 V, 50/60 Hz, single phase, 30 A
NOTE: Maximum input current is 23 A during normal operation. The e-Gun source can draw line currents up to 30 A during arcing.
Output, High Voltage 5,000 V (negative) DC, unregulated
Output, Current Variable 0–600 mA, regulated by feedback control
Output, Gun Filament 0–6 VAC @ 25 A, both filament leads at high voltage
Metering Dual scale, 0–10 kV and 0–1 A, full scale; accuracy ±2% of full scale
Interlocks Interlock power (24 VDC) connected to terminal strip mounted on rear panel of PS cabinet 1) e-Gun water flow   2) HV access   3) vacuum
e-Gun Filament Leads 10 ft
Remote Control Cable 15 ft
Panel Space 19" w x 10.5" h x 18" d
Weight 180 lbs

Ordering Information

3 kW Power Supply and Sweep Controllers

Model No. Description
150-0040 3 kW power supply
180-1030 Beam adjust
XYS XY beam sweep controller
XYCS Circular beam sweep controller

Repair and Rebuild Services

Thermionics can repair or rebuild your e-Gun power supply from any manufacturer, including Temescal CV-8, CV-10, CV-12, and CV-14. Please call for details and information.

Upgrade from Model No. 150-0030

Do you own a Thermionics 3 kW power supply, model number 150-0030 (sold until 1998)?

Upgrades have been made to the design of this power supply. The modifications increase the utility of the 3 kW power supply particularly for those using multi-crucible sources with evaporation materials requiring a broad range of power. We offer these upgrades to any users of this type of power supply.

Modification turnaround is approximately two weeks. F.O.B. Hayward, CA

Model No. Description

Filament Control Modification
(Updates Model No. 150-0030 to 150-0040 specs)

Solid state closed-loop filament control. All controls are remotely located in a hand-held remote control (including a meter to read both voltage and current).

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