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SEB e-Gun 6–15 kW Switch Mode Power Supplies

SEB-15 15 kW Switching Power Supply


The SEB series e-gun power supply is a high performance switch mode power supply. It operates above 20 kHz and uses the most reliable IGBT switches available. The SEB power supply is designed to optimize e-Gun performance and maximize power supply reliability in any production coating application.

FilChek Filament Check

The FilChek feature is included as standard equipment on each SEB power supply. A momentary switch, it permits quick and convenient testing of the e-Gun evaporation source filament from the front panel of the power supply. Not a simple continuity check, FilChek supplies a measured, dynamic load through the filament to provide an easy-to-use, reliable, true test of filament condition.

Conservative Electrical Design

SEB power supplies are conservatively designed. Each SEB power supply is designed to operate continuously and reliably at full power and maximum load ratings, with enough head room to accommodate the most dynamic operating characteristics and brutal operating conditions. Every power supply is dynamically tested, including repetitive arc testing, prior to shipment.

Dynamic Arc Suppression

SEB power supplies incorporate advanced arc detection and suppression circuits to insure maximum performance with any evaporant material.


Multiple Output

SEB power supplies are designed to power and operate up to three e-Gun evaporation sources either sequentially or simultaneously. Multiple output taps are provided at the rear of each power supply. Each power supply is shipped with one e-Gun control module as standard equipment. An additional "plug in" e-Gun control module is required for each additional e-Gun you may wish to operate.

Low Stored Energy

SEB power supplies maintain excellent output regulation while minimizing the amount of energy available during arc events. This permits fast arc recovery and greatly enhances e-Gun operation, performance, and reliability.

Compatible with Other Evaporation Sources

The SEB power supplies can be used with all Thermionics e-Gun evaporation sources as well as evaporation sources from other manufacturers. Contact our factory for specific applications.


Model No. SEB-06 SEB-15
Output Power 6 kW 15 kW
Output Voltage 0 to -10 kV DC 0 to -10 kV DC
Output Current 0 to 600 mA DC 0 to 1.5 A DC
Output Regulation ±0.5% ±0.5%
Ripple 1% RMS 1% RMS
Input Voltage 208/240/380/415
3 phase, 50/60 Hz
3 phase, 50/60 Hz
Cooling Air cooled Air cooled
Metering Digital LCD Digital LCD
Remote Interface 17-pin connector is provided on rear panel for monitoring and controlling power supply output 17-pin connector is provided on rear panel for monitoring and controlling power supply output
BNC Interface Direct interface for crystal rate controller Direct interface for crystal rate controller
CE Compliant Yes Yes
Size 19" w x 8.75" h x 19" d 19" w x 10.5" h x 19" d
Weight 60 lbs 85 lbs
NOTE: All cables and connectors for “plug-in” installation are included

Ordering Information

SEB Series e-Gun Power Supplies

Description Model No.
6 kW SEB e-Gun power supply SEB-06
15 kW SEB e-Gun power supply SEB-15

SEB Series e-Gun Power Supplies—Accessories

Description Model No.
Triangular wave XY sweep controller. Current regulated, up to 200 Hz frequency
when used with TLI e-Guns
Modulated circular XY sweep controller. Current regulated, up to 200 Hz frequency
when used with TLI e-Guns
Handheld e-Gun power supply controller and sweep controller S-HHRC
Additional gun controller, includes filament transformer and cable assemblies S-CLFC

Interlocked Push-On HV Connector

One interlocked, push-on, dual high voltage connector, Model No. HVC-D-12, is included with each power supply. The connector is shown here with the mating dual high voltage feedthrough, Model No. B111136-12, which is ordered separately.

This unique, interlocked, dual high voltage connector and feedthrough assembly may be utilized in a wide range of applications.

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